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Team-Based Surgical Care

For hospitals that want to optimize perioperative results

Advancing Practitioners is a healthcare services company that enables hospitals and surgery centers to improve efficiency with the full continuum of pre, intra, and post-operative care (or perioperative) services. We use highly-trained Mid-Level Practitioners and Physicians to provide more cost effective and efficient care.  We improve surgeon and surgical patient satisfaction, in and out of the operating room, from admission to discharge.  AP Clinical Perioperative Staffing services help your facility maximize surgical patient care results and reduce expenses. Read More.

For Mid-Level Practitioners who want to take a big career leap

Advancing Practitioners is employee-owned and operated. We are committed to the execution of flexible team models of surgical care that work today and will evolve into the future. AP believes employee ownership is critical to recruitment and retention of high quality Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurse First Assistants and Certified Surgical Assistants. Read More.

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